With our holistic approach to IT automation, we offer tailored consultancy services to businesses, decision-makers, and leaders.

Our goal is to optimize and automate systems and processes, creating time savings and allowing employees to focus on their specialties.

We reduce administrative burdens and create integrations between systems and across teams and departments for a more efficient workflow.

Our approach encompasses both technological and business needs, ensuring a comprehensive solution.

Do you have a project? We offer a non-binding meeting to understand your requirements and present a fixed price, to avoid surprises. We support you from the ideat phase to post-project support, adapting to your specific needs.

Contact us for a quote on a project or hourly price.


We do courses etc. for our area of expertise, which includes PowerShell, TOPdesk, automation, process flows, integrations & API calls.
When possible the content of courses etc. will always be customized to suit your needs.

Everything other than the webinar can be held physically if desired, where there is both the option of us coming out to you, or you coming to us in Odense where we provide the location and catering.

We offer courses etc. both for individuals and groups.

Contact us for a an offer on a course for your company.


We offer support agreements for a fixed monthly price to support processes, regardless of whether it is ours or pre-existing.

We put it together according to your wishes, for a fixed monthly price so you know the costs.

Contact us regarding what you want us to support, we’ll have a non-binding conversation and see if we can help.

Contact us!

You are always welcome to send an email or give us a call, then we will take a look at it with you and find a solution together, or send you in the right direction if we cannot solve the task.