Future proof & automate repetitive work to strengthen your company and optimize your and your employees’ time, or create a new process you’ve long dreamed of.

Education / employee development

We teach your employees PowerShell, TOPdesk, automation, process flows, integrations & API calls.
We make sure everyone understands the materiel we go through, so they get the most out of it.

Book a meeting

Book a free, non-binding meeting where we talk about automation and your opportunities. Both online and physical meetings are possible.

Utilize the automation advantages in your company

We are ready to help other companies achieve their greatest potential and optimize their time, by making them more competetive with IT-automation.
We tailor a solution and agreement that suits your exact needs needs.

We are experts!

We are experts in 3 main areas, but strive to acquire new knowledge and become more knowledgeable about all kinds of technology. We know it’s a fast-moving market and we keep ourselves updated.


We have several years of experience with setting up automation, data management, PowerShell , TOPdesk and custom tailored solutions such as integrations between systems.

We create smart solutions that help your digital evolution, both with new setups and solutions building on existing ones.

TOPdesk & Process flows

We think a large part of effective automation is also making it work for the employees, not just the system. Which is why the human part is very important to us, where together we create a flow from A to Z that works all the way around. 

We help remove points of friction in the system and processes to get them to flow better, whether it be incidents, changes, mail notifications, data, or something else.


Just as we always acquire new knowledge ourselves, we want to share the knowledge that we have.

We offer courses etc. where you can come up with a use case we can review together, or we can start from scratch and provide general basic knowledge, as well as more.
We offer this for PowerShell, TOPdesk, automation, process flows, integrations & API calls.

Why choose us?

We strive to choose the best and smartest solutions for our customers. We have expertise in automation, including scripting, PowerShell, integrations, TOPdesk & process flows, which means that we can tailor a solution that fits you perfectly, and help you right from the start-up phase to the support & maintenance phase afterwards.
We don’t automate just to automate, we solve problems and help you achieve your potential.

Examples include: Automation to move files, help manage calendars or rights therein, integrate systems that can’t communicate currently, simplify creation/delete/change in a current manual process, or an App made for you that is easy to use and helps with work tasks and saving data.


We are trying to expand our network and will happily attend events, openings etc.


We are mobile across the whole of Denmark if you want a physical meeting after an initial conversation.


We value a good cup of coffee, and we visit customers for free and without obligation, on the condition that we get a cup of coffee.

Contact us!

You are always welcome to send an email or give us a call, then we will take a look at it with you and find a solution together, or send you in the right direction if we cannot solve the task.